In 2016, Festin − Itinerant Portuguese Language Cinema Festival – is at its 7th edition. From 4rd to 11th of May, in the São Jorge Cinema, in Lisbon, in an environment of sharing, exchange and social inclusion, we celebrate Lusophone culture by providing public viewings of Portuguese language films that hardly ever reach wide commercial circuits.

After having already hosted Mozambique (2010), Portugal (2011), Brazil (2012), Angola (2013), Cape Verde (2014) and East Timor (2015). In this year issue, Festin highlights CPLP (The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) work.

In addition to the two competition categories (long and short films), the festival integrates the Brazilian Film Festival also divided between long and short meters.

In our traditional Social Inclusion Programme, that have become one of Festin’s trademark since its first edition in 2010, we will present a number of social film dramas.

Tributes, retrospectives, workshops and round tables complete a program making it attractive to anyone looking for a better understanding of films coming from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor.

Festin is co-produced since 2010 by Padrão Actual and EGEAC – Cinema São Jorge, following the initiative of Brazilian journalists Léa Teixeira and Adriana Niemeyer, and the Portuguese physician Victor Serra. Aiming to reach an ever-wider public, Festin already took place in Coimbra, Aveiro, Seia (in partnership with the festival Eco-SEIA), Bage and in Florianopolis, Brazil.